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MELZO – Sewer system

Hydraulic works




Cogeser servizi idrici srl Via Martiri della Libertà, 18 – 20066 Melzo (MI)




10/2010 – 06/2012


COGESER Corporation, in order to solve the problems of sewer system insufficiency in Melzo municipality, pointed out, classifying them according to their priority, a series of network restoration works.

These works highlighted in particular the hydraulic critical issues encountered in the area of Via Martiri della Libertà and the necessary actions that had to be undertaken to improve the condition of its network water system and secondary networks. These last are often subject to flow backwater and pressure motions due to the pipes located in Via Martiri, which may result too small if compared to the minimal need of flow capacity required.

Works have been carried out as such:

To ensure the hydraulic safety conditions in regards of storm flows flowing inside the ducts, has been decided to carry out replacement measures because according to an analysis of the state of fact, the existing conditions had been defined inadequate.

The replacements involved:

  1. Section of the concrete circular duct DN 500 located along Via Martiri della Libertà between Porta Milano and the intersection with Via Veneto, replaced with a concrete circular duct DN 600 and flow direction upkeep;
  2. Section of concrete ovoid conduct of dimensions approx. 295.85x 295.27 – 236.22×354.33 – 275.59×413.38 (upstream and downstream measurements) located along Via Martiri, between the intersection with Via Veneto and Largo Gramsci, replaced with a concrete circular duct DN 1000 (replacing the one measuring 295.85x 295.27) and flow direction upkeep;
  3. Section of the concrete circular duct DN 300 located along Via Donizetti between Via Verdi e Via da Palestrina, replaced with a concrete circular duct DN 1200 diverting the flow from west to east; improvement works.
  4. Section of the concrete circular duct DN 600 located along Via Veneto between Via 24 Maggio and the intersection with Via Martiri, replaced with a concrete circular duct DN 600 and flow direction upkeep;
  5. Replacement of the sewer system located in Via Verdi and formed by a concrete circular duct DN 1200 replaced with a duct having the same characteristics and the same flow direction (from north to south).

Carrying out such measures will be possible to unload the beaten sewer system located in Via Puccini and east side areas. Most of the outflows related to the sewer system of Via Gramsci-Martiri-Largo Via Verdi will be directed to the new duct of Via Donizetti, bypassing the above-mentioned critical areas. By creating an “overflow” connection as well as a series of hydraulic connections along Via Martiri, Largo Gramsci and Via Donizetti, there will be hydraulic outlets linked to the existing sewer system located along the same streets. This will take place during the implementation works in which several duct sections will be closed to allow sewers replacement and also at the end of the works. In the following sections you can find a description of the on going works, a description of the networks’ condition and mode of remedial actions.

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