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Hydraulic works


Construction of Lot 4, sewer system and connection between lot 2 and lot 3, areas of Basse di Ponente, municipality of Castiglione d’Adda (LO).


CASTIGLIONE D’ADDA MUNICIPALITY Via Roma, 130 – 26823 Castiglione d’ Adda (LO) 




10/2009 – 09/2010


The project consist of the completion of the sewerage and sanitation works in the area located near the sports complex “Aldo Spoldi” at Via Incoronata and the territory located in the Natural Park of Adda Morta in Castiglione d’Adda (LO).

The purposes of the project are:


  • Realisation of a PVC sewer connection of diameter approx. inches 12.40, between the arrival drawpit of lot 2 existing sewage sewer (identified with the letter A in the enclosed graph Tab. E-01) and the ending drawpit of the sewer trunk still under construction and called “Lot 3″(identified with the letter B in the Table. E-01). This connection allows the main sewage sewer (Lot 1,2,3) to reach the purification plant and restore the portion of municipal area called “low-lying areas” from all the sewage that are currently released in wells leaking in the ground or in open air waterways flowing through the Natural Park of Adda Morta;
  • The separation of waste water and sewage water through the construction of two separate lines: 1) waste water, whose path is indicated in blue on the table attached E-01 (FEDC), in adherence to the county road SP 27, left –hand side;
  • Sewage water (CDEG) indicated in red on the same plan, beginning alongside the SP 27, right-hand side. They will cross the county road and will link to the drawpit located in Via Incoronata through the realisation of pipe jacking which will connect to the sewers setting up Lot 3 sewer of west “low-lying areas”.

The above-mentioned project mainly consists in:

  1. Connection of a turn-out located alongside of SP 27, point F, which collects waste waters originating from the south division of the country;
  2. The continuance alongside the left-hand side of S.P.27 up to the existing drawpit “C”, line F-E-D-C.

With this work the intake of waste water will be reduced from all over the artisan-residential area up to the south of the country, in the stretch of existing sewage (FG). This will also reduce the problem of sewer flooding affecting the residential division crossed by the duct FG. Flooding that mainly occurs during periods of frequent watering or summer storms.


  1. Realisation of a header drawpit near the S.P. 27 in order to arrange a future connection to the sewer system that will be realised in the expansion areas located in the south of the town on the right-hand side of the S.P. 27. Furthermore, this is done also to connect the residential and industrial division (Beta Utensili) to a sewage sewer instead of releasing sewage into a mixed sewerage.


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